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Tools for your journey

Your SMU LifeLessons journey is a self-directed one that you can shape according to your aspirations. Here are some tools that are designed to help you uncover your values and purpose, set your goals, and monitor your development.


SMU LifeLessons
Pathfinder Journal

A personal journal and resource to help you better understand yourself and your relationships with others

Developed in 2014 and provided free to every freshman

Filled with questions and exercises that can be used for personal or group reflection. Topics are divided into three categories:

Self, which focuses on uncovering what matters to you, such as your values, purpose and aspirations

Self and the Team, which shares insights on how teams work and how conflicts arise and can be managed

Self and the Community, which helps you examine your role in the world at large



49 Prompts for Reflection,
Conversation and Action

Deck of prompts to help you talk about and practise your personal values

Developed in 2015 as a companion to the SMU LifeLessons Pathfinder journal. Currently used as a team building tool with co‑curricular and community service groups, to uncover shared values and purpose

Comprises 48 value concepts to start with, plus one ‘wild’ card - for you to choose a value concept that does not already appear


SMU LifeLessons Rubric

A matrix to help you identify gaps in knowledge and skills, set tangible learning goals, and monitor your progress

Anchored on the SMU LifeLessons Outcomes and Aspects, and focuses on how you can be your best for others

Clear and concise language that can be adopted for performance appraisals, reflective essays and interviews, to help articulate what has been done, experienced and learned

For staff and trainers:

The Rubric may be used for strategic planning, activity design and assessment. If you would like to integrate the use of the Rubric in a new or existing programme, please contact the Co‑Curriculum Development team


Download Rubric




Last updated on 27 Apr 2018 .