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Our people

SMU LifeLessons is driven by a multidisciplinary team that is focused on developing, delivering, and measuring transformative learning experiences beyond the classroom.



Co-Curriculum Development (CCD),
Office of Dean of Students

The CCD team oversees the development and implementation of the SMU LifeLessons Framework and its signature SMU Pathfinders Programme. This work includes the strategic design of learning tools, the development of rubrics, surveys, and other measurement resources, and advisory on the delivery of SMU LifeLessons experiences.



Platforms & Experiences


Centre for Social Responsibility (C4SR)

The Centre oversees the community service initiatives of SMU students and mentors them to undertake local or overseas service learning projects that are meaningful and sustainable. The Centre also provides insights into best practices in community engagement and social responsibility initiatives. Students who step up to lead community service projects will have the opportunity to engage in SMU LifeLessons reflections and sharing through the Centre’s training and facilitation sessions.

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Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre (WKLSWC)

The Centre provides students with counselling and resources to support their mental health needs. It also oversees the SMU Peer Helpers training programme, which includes sessions on the use of SMU LifeLessons tools for reflection and conversation.

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Office of Student Life (OSL)

OSL facilitates a wide range of arts, sports and adventure, and special interest activities that are focused on developing students holistically. It provides advisory and training to student leadership groups such as the SMU Student Association (SMUSA) and its Constituent Bodies. Opportunities to engage in SMU LifeLessons experiences are available at various points of the undergraduate’s journey - from freshmen orientation activities, to serving in a club or event committee, to returning as student facilitators.

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Last updated on 09 Nov 2017 .