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Your journey.
Your transformation.

SMU LifeLessons experiences are delivered through a wide-ranging co-curriculum, designed to provide you with a holistic and transformative learning experience, that would help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, collaborate better with others, and develop transferable knowledge and skills to respond to the challenges of the world at large.


Explore our holistic
and transformative co‑curriculum.

SMU LifeLessons experiences are customised and facilitated by our partner Offices and Centres. Speak with your group’s staff advisor if you would like to apply the SMU LifeLessons framework to your group's development.







Last updated on 04 Aug 2017 .

Shape it, in any way you want.

Your SMU Lifelessons journey is a self‑directed one which you can start any time and apply it to any area of co‑curricular interest. The following 4‑stage approach is just one of several ways you could shape your journey.


Participate & Engage

Engage in a range of co‑curricular activities and community service projects to uncover what matters most to you. Learn how to articulate your personal values, aspirations and purpose, while you hone your knowledge and skills.

Lead & Serve

Step up to lead and serve in an activity or project of your choice. Learn how to communicate and work as a team on real-world challenges that call for purposeful decision-making, aligned to shared values and vision.

Expand & Build

Gain an expanded perspective of your place and role in the world through local and overseas service projects, internships, study trips and exchanges. Learn how to build collaborative relationships across diverse communities and individuals.

Advise & Mentor

Return to serve as an advisor within an activity or project group. Combine your experience and knowledge with new mentoring skills and continuing practice, so that you may inspire others to embody their values and become role models themselves.

Delve into the
SMU Pathfinders Programme.

If you want to take a ‘deeper dive’ into what it means to be your best for others, explore our signature SMU Pathfinders Programme - a series of curated experiential platforms focused on the Self, the Self and the Team, and the Self and the Community. Through guided reflections and cross-disciplinary conversation, you will be challenged to consider what it means to be exemplary in your respectives teams, communities, and fields.

The SMU Pathfinders Programme is made possible by the generous contribution and support of Mr Kuok Khoon Ean. The Programme’s platforms will commence in 2018.